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Positive Dog Grooming in 2014
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Skills must be learned before performed!

Workshop for every dog owner

 By ~Susan from our first workshop:

"Loved the class! Ordered all the right stuff yesterday. My Lhasa, Boo, doesn't like sitting still for brushing but hot dogs helped get it done in a positive manner.  The brush is great really works and he doesn't mind it as much as the others.
My Westie is like Daisy (model dog) not too bright but very sweet. She loves brushing with any brush. We are getting out the grooming table today to get them accustomed to it." ~Susan

PLACE:      PAWS of Enchantment
                 Grooming Spa
                 Mt. Rainier, MD
 COST:          $70.00/person

*****Sign up with a friend and each pays $60.00

"I took your grooming class about a year ago and I am still cutting Clark's hair.  In the winter I use the 4 clipper. He hates having the trimmer on his feet so I end up using the scissors quite a bit for that.  After I took the picture I trimmed those feet a little more!
I just wanted to thank you again for the class!  I appreciated it so much and though they were a bit stressful for me to start because I was nervous I now enjoy giving him his hair cuts." 

From Valerie after attending a 4 week grooming class.

Skills learned on model dogs:

  • BRUSHING correctly
  • scissoring safely and correctly
  • shape (schnauzer, westie, bichon, poodle, etc.)
  • cutting and/or dremeling nails
  • pluck hair from ears (if necessary)
  • trim sanitary and pads
  • AND EXACT tools needed!

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Fill out the below questionnaire when you make your payment.
Workshop Questions
Name, email, phone, type of dogs. Any present grooming?
How comfortable are you with handling your dog?
Very comfortable
A little comfortable
Need to learn how to feel comfortable
What best describes your present grooming?
My dog really does not like me to do anything.
I can get a little brushing in, but struggle.
My dog enjoys me brushing and doing things.
I have always worked with my dog grooming
Have you trained your dog with obedience?
Payment for the workshop must be made in order to hold a spot, however if a cancellation is needed a refund will be given.

We will work with 5-6 perfect model dogs, during the workshop, that don't mind having their nails cut/dremeled, hair scissored, eyes trimmed, sanitary cut, feet pads clipped, ears cleaned, etc....

Following this workshop participants will have the knowledge to:
  • use and purchase the EXACT grooming tools,
  • how to correctly brush every part of the dog & dematt, scissor and use clippers
  • cut & dremel toe nails, bathing & drying
  • and most importantly have the knowledge to work POSITIVELY during a home grooming session.

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About the groomer teaching dog owners how to groom with positive reinforcement and no force!

Jackie Coufal of Dirty Dawg
Certified groomer
from Maryland School of Dog Grooming,
since 1991, teaches you to groom!

Jackie is a member of The Pet Professional Guild and believes that our dogs deserve kindness, love and compassion when being groomed.


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