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What will my dog's grooming cost?

In-home grooming charges will be based upon the condition of the dog's coat, the time it normally takes for the entire grooming and travel.
There is a base fee for every dog 30lbs and under that will begin $55.00-$75.00.

Every grooming will include a travel fee of $20.00.
Grooming time is usually and hour to an hour and a half.

A few examples (dogs who have normal 1 hour grooming time and coats in perfect condition)might be:

  • Miniature Schnauzer    $65.00
  • Yorkie                           $55-$65
  • Mini Poodle (clipped)    $55.00+
  • Cockapoo (short)          $55.00-65.00
  • Maltese (short)              $55.00
  • Shitzue  (short)              $65.00

  • All mixes short               $45.00+

These rates are estimates!
The dogs that would be "clipped" referrers to short all over !
Please email and share details about the condition of your dog's coat and what you would desire for a grooming and I can best give you a quote.

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Each Grooming Includes:

  • Bath with natural and safe shampoo plus conditioner
  • Hand blow dry while on the table 
  • Ears cleaned and hair removed if needed
  • Nails cut (grinding upon request)
  • Dematting will be done ONLY if it does not cause harm to the dog, otherwise the coat will need to be clipped short
  • Gentle Handling
  • NO TEETH BRUSHING! Teeth brushing should be done at home on a daily basis. There is no benefit to having it done once every 6-8+ weeks. Every day brushing is what the dogs need for a healthy mouth/teeth.

*Jackie is knowledgeable of all breed standards and desired hair designs for all mixed breeds.

Happy Bath Time!

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