Positive Dog Grooming -  EVERY DOG IS SPECIAL


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Did you ever NOT want to pay for your dog's haircut? 

Yes it is possible to do it yourself with the correct tools, lessons, & practice.

Lessons are divided into 4 sessions because MOST dogs become impatient/fidgety and cannot be still for more than an 1-2 hours.

images 4 weeks of hands-on instruction: $300.00+. 
The cost will vary depending upon what kind of dog(s) you want to learn on, their coat condition (long/short) at the time we begin (matted etc.), and your desired end result.
For example:  a doodle will be more work than a shitzu.

imagesIn the end, you will be saving a large amount of money and be much happier with your dog's grooming results, even if that takes awhile, practice makes pawfect. Your dog will WIN in the end! More time with you and less stress! The dog's become much more comfortable with grooming and actually enjoy the time.

Please read the following all the way through!

  1. We will work on your dog from start to finish: nails, ears, sanitary, scissoring, clipping, bathing, blow drying, body awareness, checking for lumps/bumps/infections etc.
  2. The dog(s) might look funny in between sessions, because we certainly won't finish an entire grooming in one meeting
  3. All the tools that you need and how to maintain them will be practiced
  4. When needed to learn, my 3 dogs will be worked on. For additional clipper practice, nail cutting with training methods for doing the nails and removing hair from ears if necessary
  5. Included is a manual that has been used in several classes that is easy to follow and will be exactly what you will learn
  6. While using my tools, we will discuss what will be best purchased and when needed so these tools can be purchased leisurely 
  7. Grooming takes a great deal of practice, following our lessons I will be available to correct or refresh the learning that was completed
  8. Every dog is different. Every dog/owner relationship/interaction is different. Therefore, we schedule a "meet and greet" to determine if there is the correct chemistry for dog/owner to work together to complete grooming. I will determine, based on much experience, if indeed, it can be done, not everyone is ment to groom
  9. The meet and greet is a scheduled meeting with a brief grooming session. Owner brushing dog on a table! This will be $65.00 plus travel $20.00 (reasonable distance)
  10. If you have a desire to learn how to groom your dog PLEASE send me an email for your interest and any questions/concerns. My response may be lengthy so it's easier via email than phone/text, thanks

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