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Testimonials~ Private & Group Class Students:
frans dog
By Fran in Frederick:
"Jackie came to my home to evaluate how I was grooming the dogs I care for.  I provide foster care and rescue poodles.  I also groom those poodles and occasionally work with several local shelters when a poodle comes in who needs grooming/care.   I have been struggling with some specific areas of grooming and needed a professional’s guidance to shorten a dog’s time on the grooming table and learn better use of my equipment.  Jackie was right there beside me, giving me tips and explaining why things are done and how to use tools properly.  4 classes later, I have really been able to use the techniques she has taught me.  She has been beside me, long after my classes are over to give me encouragement and additional tips when I was unsure of what I needed to do. What a great teacher and it was so nice to get personal attention and classes that were tailored to my needs!I’d recommend anyone who has an interest in learning grooming basics to take classes from Jackie at!"
Fran's dog
Both dogs pictured are Fran's rescue poodles.

By John from group class in Gaithersburg:

"I took a class with Jackie simply because I wanted to learn how to groom my dog and most importantly I wanted answers.  Every time I took Siggy to the groomers, my questions were answered with some "vague groomer talk".  I felt like those groomers worked for the CIA because everything was "top secret".  Jackie created a fun atmosphere where errors were minimized and truly had everyone grooming on the first day.  Jackie advised us to buy what's appropriate for our individual needs NOT what the new fancy expensive equipment that just came out on the market.  I am more than satisfied learning from Jackie and now I feel like I can groom Siggy (pictured) and on the rare occasion I take him to the groomer I certainly know how to speak their "vague groomer talk".  Even if you don't want to fully groom your dog, Jackie will teach you how to do the easy stuff that'll save you lots of money as groomers and vets will charge tons for something that'll take 5 minutes.  If you want to save money, I highly recommend signing up with Jackie."

By Stephanie, owner of 4-year old Labradoodle named Sequoia ~ Gaithersburg Recreation Class
New Image"I just moved to the area and have a Labradoodle that groomers wanted to charge me a fortune to groom. Jackie's class was such a welcome find and a worthwhile investment. She has saved me a fortune simply teaching me how to maintain my dog in between grooming appointments so I don't have to go as often. Her class was dense with information and hands-on learning opportunities. The dogs she selects for her students to groom have just the right temperaments so you can get the true feel of using the tools on a dog. She pays close personal attention to each students' needs and goes beyond the class with the option of private lessons with your own dog. Jackie Coufal is a wonderful teacher and groomer and with her encouragement has given me the confidence to groom my dog entirely myself. "

From Micha in Olney

Ginger attending grooming class to be our model! Perfect Model
"I'm a dog owner, rescuer, and also trainer. So a dog's emotional well-being is very important to me. After spending much time looking for a local groomer who will treat my dogs right and make the grooming process comfortable for them, I gave up and began grooming them myself. But it was taking me a very long time and it was difficult. Grooming soon lost it's appeal and became a bothersome chore."Then Jackie came along and all that changed. She gave me guidance and showed me how to use my tools correctly, how to groom safely and efficiently. She also gave me product and equipment suggestions that saved me a lot of money. After my lessons with Jackie, grooming was no longer taking forever and the dogs were actually looking good! I was having fun grooming again. Not only that, but my dogs LOVE Jackie and grooming was no longer a tedious process for them. I never thought that I'd see dogs actually enjoy being groomed but it's possible! My dogs now relax on the grooming table and get ready to be pampered"

Shiloh in his new haircut right after he was rescued!

From: Suzanne in Sterling, VA 

"I asked around for a long time for where I could learn grooming without going to grooming school, and finally found Jackie, one of our area’s best kept secrets. Groomers we went to weren’t keen on letting me observe and sharing their knowledge. Getting our second dog last year was a tipping point – I had to improve my skills and learn to groom toes to tail. Jackie is a patient teacher and coach, and a great resource on equipment and product recommendations as well as animal behavior, nutrition and advice. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I and my dogs had fun while working hard on our skills. In a day and age when house calls are unheard of, offering instruction in the comfort of our home was a wonderful service and so valuable for little more than the cost of taking them to a grooming salon. I highly recommend learning how to groom with Jackie."

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